emergency key part number


Part numbers listed below:
A flat head screwdriver can be used or the 35-250 emergency key.
M504-271 is the emergency key used to open a locked S40.
The part number is 48-102 C, you will need to specify the cuts.
The emergency keys are shipped with each lock.  The part numbers are; 61-509 standard and 61-510 large bow size.
Only the lever return spring is available.
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L9040 locks WITHOUT indicator uses an emergency tool available in the price book, L583-233.L9040 locks WITH an indicator requires a small flat blade screwdriver.
The L583-233 emergency key spindle length is 1.575"The L583-233 emergency key will operate on a door thickness up to 3" extended equally. 
All Von Duprin exit devices (22, 33/35A ,55 ,88 ,95 and 98/99) use 5/32" dogging key. There are two part numbers available: 090005 is the package of 2 and 090085 is the package of 10.
Schlage only offers a limited number of keyways that match the BEST sections. Available in keys and cores.Specify keyway using the B suffix: AB = A, BB=B, CB=C, DB = D, DDB=DD, EB = E, FB = F, GB =...