Enable lock and leave


Look to see if the  "Fail Safe?UNLOCK" on communication failure is set and you have lost communication.
The "Unlock on READ" from diagnostics will clear with the next AD400 heartbeat, automatically. It will also clear with successful communication to a working access control panel. 
 If the AD-400/AD-401 is LINKED to a PIM400-TD2 and all credentials including invalid cards are granted access, the PIM400-TD2 is not communicating with the Access Control Panel, and the lock is st...
Or force a strike input to the PIM400-TD2. Short J8-1 and J8-2 (Door 1), Short J7-1 and J7-2 (Door 2) on the PIM400-TD2
The Lock & Leave Feature is a feature that when enabled, the lock can be re-locked from the outside of the door for a short period of time.
The coin cell Nuisance Delay on CO200 and CO250 can be temporarily disabled using the Schlage Utility Software.
Once disabled via the SUS application, the CO lock will no longer delay the access for valid credentials.
If your CO lock began indicating a low coin cell (Nuisance Delay) after a door file has been downloaded, the coin cell is low and should be replaced. (CR2032)The coin cell Nuisance Delay will be "A...
The coin cell Nuisance Delay settings in the SUS application is not available until such time that a Door file is successfully downloaded to the lockset.
The coin cell is ignored when the lock sets are used with Manual Programming ONLY or while in Construction mode.
Beginning with Firmware Packages ADFwPkg 2.16.3 and COFwPkg 1.20.0 the PIN length can be manually changed for AD200 and CO200 locks as follows: 1. Press {programming code (default is 97531)} then ...
Many problems with AD-series locks can be resolved by performing a Factory Default Reset (FDR).  This process will clear the memory and any stored configurations, re-enabling default...
To perform an FDR on an AD-series lock: 1.     Remove the inside top cover of the lock.  This will expose the main board and activate the tamper switch.   2. &...
Note: An FDR cannot be performed if an HHD is plugged into the lock.