ES relay time on Sr swing


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The ES Filter started to ship with these units (Senior Swing/Benchmark/Falcon) on 4/22/2013.  The ES Filter kit will help eliminate line noise from an Electric Strike if used. 
On the Senior Swing, if you have line noise from a strike the unit could go into an Error Code on the Control Box (Er13) and will not operate.  Adding the ES Filter, which is a diode, will eli...
On the Benchmark and Falcon, if there is line noise from a strike then the unit will lose it's hold open time.  Adding the ES Filter, which is a diode, will resolve this issue and the unit wil...
The Senior Swing control box has a built in (programmable) relay output for connection to a Fail Safe/Fail Secure electric strike/maglock or to an EL Device power supply.
The 8310-845 is now a combination "Time Delay Relay / Door Sequence" module. In 2010 the separate 8310-845 "Time Delay" module and 8310-849 “Door Sequencer” module were combined into a "common" m...
The Mid Swing was discontinued Sept. of 2009. The Sr. Swing control box has the power boost feature which the Mid Swing control box did not have. If you replace only the Mid Swing control box...
No; Auto Unlocks activate only the Strike relay and cannot be configured to operate the Aux relay.
The Senior Swing control box is ordered as a 95xx-3462. Example - 9530-3462, 9540-3462.
The Senior Swing Series changed to the "Digital" control box in Sept. of 2006.