Falcon electrified trim, what voltage is required


The FSA/FSE 510L trim is only available in 24Vdc.
The only electric trim that is used with the 98/99 series exit device that Von Duprin offers is E996L lever trim.
E996L electric trim is used to lock or unlock the lever trim for the 98/99 series exit devices.
Applies to L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EU The Schlage electrified L-Series wiring diagram can be found here and...
Applies to L9080EL/EU. L9082EL/EU (Discontinued) The Schlage electrified L-Series wiring diagram can be found here and the requirements are listed below.      ...
Click here to show the differences of an installed lockcase between the L9090, L9091, L9092, L9093, L9094, L9095 EL/EU and the L9080 EL/EU
Applies to L9090EL/EU, L9091EL/EU, L9092EL/EU, L9093EL/EU, L9094EL/EU, L9095EL/EUThese models require 12/24 VDC with a peak current of 0.4 amps.  The following po...
Applies to L9080EL/EU, L9082EL/EU (Discontinued)The Schlage L9080 EU/EL and L9082 EU/EL require 24 VAC/VDC with a peak current of 1.3 Amps at 5 to 10 second intervals and a holding curren...
The PS861, PS873, or PS902 power supply can be used to operate the Von Duprin E996L trim.
The Von Duprin E996L trim required .22 amps at 24VDC.