Falcon Ilco keyways


FA2 is another manufacturers designation for the Falcon 6-pin E keyway.  
The FA2 keyway (Hillman, Curtis or Jet) is the same as the Falcon or Weiser 6-pin E keyway
The Ilco A1054WC is the same as the Falcon or Weiser 6-pin E keyway
The FA3 keyway is the ILCO equivalent to a Falcon Conventional G 6-pin keyway.
ILCO is a manufacturer that uses SC as a designation to represent Schlage keys.  ILCO is not affiliated with Schlage so a key with an SC designation was never manufactured by Schlage. The followin...
 We do not do testing on other manufacturer's trims to work with Von Duprin exit devices.  You will need to contact Kaba Ilco.
The table below provides the Ilco cross reference to the Schlage keys.  Ilco Identification Section Pins Schlage Part # SC1 C 5 35-100 C SC4 C 6 3...
A PO from a distributor with a letter of authorization from the end user.
Falcon D series deadbolts will not accept Schlage Key-in-lever cylinders. The faceplate plug hole is smaller in diameter than the Schlage plug and does not fit flush when i...
For a Schlage "C"  keyway:  Specify "CP6" as the cylinder suffix when ordering  D100 or D200 locks (All other Schlage keyways are not available).