falcon morise lock function descriptions


ND -series locks manufactured on or after January 30, 2017 use the following spring cages:Outside - N523-218 - For ALL cylinder options except for JD-YA6, JD-YA7 and JD-MEDInside - N523-222 -...
ND-series locks manufactured before January 30, 2017 used the following spring cages:
MA531 (ANSI F20) Apartment Corridor Door Lock  Latch bolt operated by knob/lever from either side, except when outside knob/lever is made inoperative by buttons in face. Dead bolt operated b...
MA581 is a Storeroom function mortise lock.
MA581 operation: Latchbolt operated by key from outside or by operating inside knob/lever. Outside knob/lever is always inoperative. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt when door is locked.
Changes to the Falcon W501 latch offering were made on 2/13/2012.   Prior to 2/13/2012: The W501 entry lock was supplied with a restoring latch which causes the button to pop and unlock...