falcon power supply


The Von Duprin PS914 power supply with either the 900-2RS  or the 900-4RL option board is required.
INPUT -- 120 volts AC @ 1 amp. OUTPUT -- 12 volts AC @ 0.25 amp (1/4 amp).
The Falcon 8200 series operator requires a input of 120 VAC @ 1 Amp.
As of Feb. 23rd 2011 Falcon RDS-2 power supply has been discontinued and no longer available.
The older ELR 17/18 device would have to replaced with a new EL-24/25 device and use the PS914 with either the 900-2RS or 900-4RL board.
If the Main AC fuse is blowing, the control box is defective and needs to be replaced.  The "Main Fuse" is a (5x20MM) 1 Amp Slow Blow fuse. If the 12VAC fuse is blowing, verify they are not trying...
The installation instruction for PS900 series power supplies are available online under the Von Duprin, Falcon exits, Schlage, and Schlage Electronics sections of the website.  You can also find by...
This is not an option, the older RDS-2 was used with the older Falcon Monarch ELR devices.  The power supply would apply 24VDC for 1 second then drop down to 5VDC for the remainder of hol...
There is not a fully self-contained delayed egress like a Von Duprin Chex-It device but the Falcon RX-25 Series can perform a delayed egress by using the DE5300 controller, power supply, ...
MPB840 = PS914power supply, MPB842 = PS914-2RS power supply.