Falcon X keyway


A PO from a distributor with a letter of authorization from the end user.
Falcon D series deadbolts will not accept Schlage Key-in-lever cylinders. The faceplate plug hole is smaller in diameter than the Schlage plug and does not fit flush when i...
For a Schlage "C"  keyway:  Specify "CP6" as the cylinder suffix when ordering  D100 or D200 locks (All other Schlage keyways are not available).
The standard cylinder keyway that comes with the 914KIL trim is a Schlage 6 pin "C" section.
The FA3 keyway is the ILCO equivalent to a Falcon Conventional G 6-pin keyway.
To disassemble an X lock, remove the inside knob and unscrew the inside collar and rose.  The X lock spanner wrench (012172-000-30) can be used to depress the knob catch as well as tighten/loo...
The Falcon SC81 series closer has a mounting hole pattern of 12" x 3/4".
Schlage does not have a stainless steel/non-ferrous lock series. The only option that Allegion provides is the Grade 1 cylindrical Falcon X-Series. To order the Falcon X with the stainless st...