find serial number


Yes, press the * (asterisk) key 10 times on the reader.  The serial number will be displayed.  A second way of locating the serial number on the reader is to visually check...
CO-100 now allows the PIN code length to be changed manually.  Each CO100 has a label that indicates its firmware revision.  Firmware revision 2.5.0 or higher support these...
CO-100 PIN length can range from 3 digits to 6 digits with firmware version 2.5.0 and higher.
Procedure to change PIN length: 1. Press {programming code (default is 97531)} then {*}.2. Press {99} then {*}, to enter Special Function Length Menu.3. Press {4} then {*}, to enter Pin Length M...
CO-100 now has NEW lock status reporting capabilities. Battery status, firmware version, hardware version and PCB serial number. See instructions below for these status menus.
Older units with 6 digit serial numbers dating before July 2004 will require a main board change with a change in the camera.