fire rated labels


The UL fire label is only applied to the device center case cover at the factory when the device is built.  This label can not be sold or replaced with a new one.
The 25 series devices was designed to replace the 18 series & will completely cover existing door prep from a 18 series device. However, some door re-prep is required for the current 25 de...
The 4170 cover plate can be used to cover the 86 & 161 prepped doors.
Conforms to all applicable codes, governing fire rated doors and bears label
If the device has no hex dogging feature and has a fire label on the center case cover it is fire rated device.
Yes, Steelcraft doors and/or frames are available and can carry a UL, WH or FM label. The type of fire label (UL, WH or FM) is dictated by the specifications and local building code. Doors ...
A Dutch Door is a door having two separate leaves, hung one over the other: Usually equipped so that both leaves can be operated Usually in single doors applications but sometimes specified ...