To use Von Duprin mullion for something other than our standard strike, order the mullion "Blank" and prep in the field.
The HH9954 is the only Von Duprin hurricane impact-rated mullion. Hurricane ratings vary by location and application. Be sure to check with the local authority and/or the Regional Allegio...
All 3 hour fire rated pairs of doors do require an astragal when used without a removable hardware mullion. Pairs of doors with removable hardware mullions are treated and listed as 2 single doors...
The Von Duprin XP98/99 device uses a different strike than standard 98/99 device. The 909 strike is for non fire rated XP devices and the 954 strike is for the fire rated XP device. 49/9954 mul...
The 909 strike is used in single and paired non-fire rated and single fire rated openings.  The 954 strike is used in fire rated paired openings.
The 1609 strike cannot be used with Von Duprin XP98/99 exit device.