flair return spring


  Issue: One or both levers don't stay horizontal and droop down.   Facts: Falcon T series locks in a high use application.   Cause: Weak or broken springs within t...
Falcon is reintroducing the lever return spring for the discontinued Falcon M mortise series.  Effective November 1, 2014 the lever return spring is now available for purchase with a list pric...
These parts are no longer available.  For reference the spring part number is 4841 and the clip part number is 4326.
See Falcon MA lever assembly below: The spring mechanism (E) returns the lever to horizontal.  The parts are not sold separate, so if the lever sags, the entire lever assembly shoul...
Lever assemblies part numbers are found in the Pricebook.  Note they are handed.
Dimensions vary depending on the escutcheon. Flair inside trim, width 3.25" height 9.0"  OVAL SHAPED Meteor outside trim, width 3.00" height 8.0" Saturn inside trim, width 3.00" height 8.0"
The Flair design handing must be specified when ordering a complete lock or just the lever.
The spring itself is not replaceable, you would need to replace the 19 centercase assembly.