free exit from inside while locked on outside


There is potential for ND40/ND44's manufactured around March 2011 to remain locked after egress, or after the latch is depressed.  There was an issue with the keycam that created a bind when l...
This can be done but will require a submission through the RFQ process.The Schlage B500 and B600/700/800 deadbolts have an inside indicator rose option for select functions. The indi...
Falcon began offering an RX switch with its electrified functions beginning January 17th 2012.  To specify, add "RX" to the end of the part number. Example:  Storeroom Function, Fail Safe (EL), 12...
The MA RX features independent switches within the chassis that allow the customer to choose whether to monitor the inside or outside knob/lever.
Each switch is pre-wired to work with either normally open or normally closed systems, with color coded 5 ft long leads.
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The Von Duprin Pneumatic PN98/99 series exit devices feature provides remote latch bolt retraction in hazardous areas where electrically operated devices would not be permitted.
The Von Duprin Pneumatic or "PN" device was designed for Intrinsically Safe Class 1, Division 1 applications.