FSIC cap pin


The UL fire label is only applied to the device center case cover at the factory when the device is built.  This label can not be sold or replaced with a new one.
Yes.22 End Cap Kit (Metal) is part  90039722 End Cap Kit part number 900981 is black plastic.
When factory installed on GrainTech® doors: Finish Stain - YES, top caps, bottom caps and astragals are stained (prior to attachment) to match the GrainTech® door finish. GrainTech® Steel - NO, t...
The Schlage Full Size IC core is 6 pin only. 
ISSUE: After some use the plug will begin to project from the cylinder face and will ultimately pull completely out. ROOT CAUSE: In a dogged application the cam was rotated 180 degrees which ...
The old end cap for 33/35 is no longer available, use the new end cap part number 050014-xx.