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The Fusible Link arm is available with the 4010, 4020 and 4110 series closers. They all use the same Fusible Link arm. The UL Listing number is for the Fusible Link arms is R1943. The 4010 Serie...
FL, hold open arm
  Steelcraft offers all the standard lights as well as special size glass lights in the H-series door. Effective April 1, 2012, (Bulletin # B-100.12) the default for Dezigner Trim in H-S...
Steelcraft does not supply door louvers (loose or installed) and will only provides a cutout in doors for specified louvers sizes.
Stamped louvers are no longer available from Steelcraft in any door series. Steelcraft discontinued this offering in 2008. Steelcraft will only provide a cutout only in doors for louvers.
NO - Louvers are not approved for installation in a fire rated transom / side panel frames.  NFPA Pamphlet 80 - paragraph # states “Louvers shall not be installed in either transom or s...
Fusible Link Arm, Fusible Link
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