ho do you tell Handing


The old 4030 series was: Handed Mounted regular arm hinge side. Had sized springs, were not adjustable. The 4033 is an obsolete closer.  If required, handing can be verified by looking at ...
First you need to determine if the closer is handed.  A handed door closer will only have a single shaft on one side of the closer for the arm to attach to. If the closer is handed...
Changing the hands is not an option.  Recommendation is to replace the E376L trim with the correct handing.
The 09-900 mortise cylinder thumbturn has three handing options: right hand, left hand, and non-handed.  Handing of the cylinder is done by a check ball and spring placed in the housing a...
Also applies to the 09-900 XL12-196 mortise cylinder coin turn.
The Von Duprin E996L electric trim is field reversible. See attached 996L installation instructions on page 2 for rehanding procedure.  996L Installation Instructions