install spring bolt


The part number for 88 rim end case spring is 090003-00 (PKG of 2) or 090080-00 (PKG of 10) and latch tail spring is 050393-00 (PKG of 10).
The spring itself is not replaceable, you would need to replace the 19 centercase assembly.
Levers may sag due to an incorrectly installed springcage or an incorrect springcage.Mortise locks with a fixed (rigid) lever such as an L9080 will use a spacer on the rigid lever (outside) and a s...
In 2002 the Schlage AL-Series underwent a design change that affected the spring cage, driver, and plastic insert.  Spring cage and driver replacements for AL locks manufactured before this design ...
Installation should be 6" from bottom of the door. See attached templates as reference.  T-5494 for HM Doors W-5494 for Wood Doors