installation instructions falcon


Click HERE for the  instruction and template for 237L device.
See the installation instructions 718 for -C devices.
Templates for current 718 series trim can also be found on Falcon website
The Falcon Exit Alarm option was updated in June 2012 to include the following benefits. Louder Alarm 95dbs vs 87dbs Easier battery changes 24Vdc hardwire(HW) option included w...
Incorrect timing of the lock can cause the outside lever to retract the latch when raised up.  See instructions here (Step 16 and 17) to time a T351, T381, T561, and T571.  Also applies to the same...
To verify the timing on a T561, function test the outside lever after locking it.  To lock the key should only rotate 180 degrees (Not 360 degrees as Schlage does) A properly timed lock will n...
Von Duprin surface mounted 6300 electric strike paper template and installation instruction are provided with the electric strike. See attached