intruder function exit device trim kit


Attached tables provide the back plate conversion kit for all 88 series Exit devices. 88 Back plate conversion Chart
To convert the Von Duprin 98/99 Rim or Vertical (Rod or Cable) Exit Device with functional lever (996L-R/V) to act like a rigid lever (996L-NL-R/V) with key over ride follow these steps: R...
No, the 98/99 series mortise exit device should be ordered as NL less trim. IE, 9875NL-L/TRIM. NL-OP suffix is normally used with the 98/99 series rim, surface and concealed vertical rod devices wh...
You need to order the EL98/9947 or 3'  EL conversion kit.  This will fit on 28 1/8" minimum door opening on two vertical x vertical rod device doors.
(2) #10-24 X 1.0  TORX OVAL HEAD MACHINE SCREW, FINISHED (2) SCREW, 8-32 X 3/4 MS PIN TORX (1) SCREW, 8-32 X 1 MS PIN TORX (2) SCREW, 8-32 X 7/8 MS PIN TORX