ives hinge dimensions


Butt hinges can be used on  doors up to 4' wide and 200 pounds.  There is no maximum door height, just need to add a hinge for every 30" or part there of over 7'.
Can a cam lift hinge have an EPT? No, it can't have an EPT.  The operation of the hinge can crimp any wires used for an EPT.
Steelcraft follows the industry standards for hinge reinforcement and preparation for both door and frame. Unless otherwise specified all products prepared for butt hinges will have mounting holes ...
Steelcraft uses a 7 gage hinge reinforcement for 4 1/2" and 5" butt hinges as standard on all frame series. The hinge reinforcement size for either 4 1/2" or 5" hinges (standard or heavy duty hing...
Ives does not offer a continuous hinge designed specifically for lead lined doors.  Standard hinges may work if the hinge and mounting hardware do not penetrate the lead lining in the door.&nb...
The 609 finish is not available with Ives butt hinges.