keypad does not light up


All Keypad ONLY credentials with firmware versions between 2.9.2 and 2.11.0 should be updated to the latest firmware available at www.schlage,com/support.
A firmware issue with Keypad ONLY credential firmware, versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0 and manufactured between 9-9-2010 and 1-5-2011 will exhibit poor battery life.
The Keypad ONLY credential Reader (KP) can prevent the reader from entering its low power sleep mode - with firmware versions 2.9.2 through 2.11.0
A Technical Note has been generated to document one method of measuring battery current. See the attachment HERE.
There is a total of 4 red buttons on the front of the Senior Swing control box. To turn on the display, press and hold any 2 of the 4 red buttons at the same time for approximately 3-5 seconds. Y...
Devices were shipped from the factory with motor driven after 8-24-2015. First confirm that you are using PS900 series (902,904,906 or 914) power supply.      1. Mea...
Devices were shipped from the factory with solenoid driven prior to 8-24-2015.  First confirm that you are using a PS873 or PS914 power supply.Measure the DC voltage at the ten wire hardness a...