latchbolt monitoring and rx


The ND-Series RX,  the L-Series RX and latch monitoring switches are Form C - Single Pole Double Throw (also known as SPDT).
THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED - See the related solution "Is a latch bolt monitor available with the Schlage mortise electrified locks?"Latch monitoring, or LM is available as an option on the&nbs...
As of February 2016, some Schlage electrified locksets can be ordered with deadbolt monitoring.  To order deadbolt monitoring with an L series lockset specify DM in the option field....
The RX monitors the push bar while the LX monitors the latch bolt of the exit device. A SS device has an LX and a key cylinder switch plus an emergency push bar signage.
The RX switch is required to activate the ALK. The RX switch monitors the pushbar and will signal the ALK to go into alarm when the pushbar is depressed. The RX switch also allows free in...
Yes.  The exit alarm ALK is shipped standard with a RX, request to exit switch, but can work with the optional LX, latch bolt monitor switch.  If there is no switch in the device it will never alarm.