Cam Lift hinges can only be used with LCN door closers that have a "Regular" style arm.             Manual Closers: Maximum li...
The standard 1460 EDA arm is not long enough to allow the door to open 180°.
LCN recommends an 18 AWG (minimum) wire size (gauge) to the 8310 Series hardwired actuators.
All Senior Swing models are heavy duty operators and have the Push-N-Go (PNG) feature.  This feature is a programmable function in the control module.  The PNG settings are: Off, On, or FD (fixed)...
The 40401/4040XP closer with optional EDA arm has to be mounted parallel arm on the push side of the door.
ST2795 allows the the 4040 to be mounted pull side with a solid (heavy duty) arm.
EDA ARM - The EDA arm is a heavy duty parallel arm mount.  The degree of door opening is determined by the template used for mounting. EDA arm closers can only be mounted as a Push Side parallel ar...