The closest powder coat finish by LCN is Dark Bronze (BHMA 695).
DESCRIPTION: The antimicrobial coating is specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria by interrupting cell multiplication. The result is that the silver ions surround bacterial cells, ...
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The current Powder Coat finishes are: Aluminum (BHMA 689) Dark Bronze (BHMA 695) Brass (BHMA 696) Light Bronze (BHMA 691) Statuary Bronze (BHMA 690) Blac...
Tan Powder Coat can be ordered but only available as a special finish with a metal cover.
White Powder Coat can be ordered as a special RAL finish with a metal cover.
ST-3195 is used to obtain the old style EDA or Cush arms which were assembled with threaded studs so that you could take apart the arm assemblies. Our current standard EDA and Cush arms are rivet...
A 626 or US26D.  Schlage definition of the 626 is a satin chromium plated finish.