long tone on control lock


The lock will display a long beep and green light on a valid card presentation when the unit has lost power long enough to lose it's internal clock time. To correct this, sync the lock with t...
Make sure the lock AA batteries are good. 4.8 VDC or higher.
When in its “Active state”, the mechanical key switch can prevent USB connection. Make sure the lock key cylinder and tailpiece are properly installed.
Make sure the mechanical triangles on the back of the outside escutcheon are aligned properly.  See the installation instructions at www.schlage.com/support Schlage Technical Support.&nbs...
If the Schlage Utility Software pops up a "E201 error", just ignore it, and tap "Device Options" or update your firmware. See 78451  
Make sure the HHD/SUS is set to USB communication by checking the small icon right of the "No Device Connected" message.  The symbol should be a USB symbol when working with USB enable product...
The locks are handed from the factory, but they are field reversible. Details on re-handing are in the installation guide.    
The lever may be missing the slot feature for the core locking lug.  Verify slot is in place.
Yes, always list the exterior style and finish first followed by the interior style and finish.
Construction fobs for the Control locks can also be used for the other Engage locks. Follow the instructions in the users guide for each of the locks (NDE, LE, CTE) to put it constr...