ma cycle test


ANSI grade one cycle test is 500,000, grade two is 250,000 and grade three is 100,000.
The resistance readings for a Falcon 24 or 25 Series EL solenoid should read;Green to Yellow = Pull Coil, should measure between 1 and 2 ohms of resistance. Green to Orange = Hold Coil, s...
The Falcon 8200 series operator has a circuit that shuts down the operator when a resistance of 15 lbs. occurs, so the operator will not be damaged.
       "Opening Force" adjustment could be set to strong (high).  This adjustment is a turn pot adjustment which can be found on the controller.  Try adjusti...
See Falcon MA lever assembly below: The spring mechanism (E) returns the lever to horizontal.  The parts are not sold separate, so if the lever sags, the entire lever assembly shoul...
Lever assemblies part numbers are found in the Pricebook.  Note they are handed.