mag lock current draw


This is possible as long as the total current draw does not exceed the 2 amp capacity of the PS902 power supply. The Schlage Electronics 320, 350, or 390 maglock must be used with a DE5101 and th...
The entire series of mag locks that Schlage provides advertises 12vdc or 24vdc because they will automatically determine what voltage is being used and switch the internal circuitry based on that v...
Functionally equivalent to a schlage 350+ which is functionally equivalent to a M450
You can power both mag locks and EL devices from PS914 power supply.
It requires 900-4RL and 900-FA option boards to release the mag locks when a fire alarm is activated. Specify PS914 x 900-4RL x 900-FA.
The MA lock can be specified in a 12 or 24V DC configuration (default is 12V). Additionally, an AC power source may be used as long as a rectifier is installed in the circuit (not provided). He...
For additional details and a wiring diagram see the MA service manual page on electrical requirements here.
24 volt version draws 90 mAmps (0.090A). 120 volt version draws 30 mAmps (0.030A).