Maximum reveal for a 4041 regular arm is 2-9/16". The reveal for a 4041 long arm is from 2-9/16" to 4-13/16". The reveal for a 4041 extra long arm (ELR) is from 4-13/16" to 8". ST-2523 is a sp...
Masonry T anchor are approved for fire rated frames up to 3 hours. T Anchors are shipped lose for field installation. Anchor construction: The T portion and the strap do have minimum dim...
Jamb Width
Can a cam lift hinge have an EPT? No, it can't have an EPT.  The operation of the hinge can crimp any wires used for an EPT.
A 4040-18G drop plate will be needed to drop the closer and arm down far enough not to conflict with the GJ 90 series overhead stop.
The 40401/4040XP closer with optional EDA arm has to be mounted parallel arm on the push side of the door.
Mounting with closer installed on frame face
Jamb Depth
The following are quantities of EMA anchors (pierce and dimples) based on range of frame height:  Quantity  Nominal Frame Height     2     1'...