minimum door falcon


The standard Falcon 25V vertical rod cannot be cut to fit on a 2 feet door opening.This device requires 2' 7 1/8" minimum door opening. Falcon offers a device that can be used on a 2 feet door...
The Falcon MA will not fit a 1-3/8" thick door. 
The minimum door thickness that the AD or CO series lock will mount on is 1 3/8".  Be advised that this will require additional spacers to be ordered separately to allow the lock to mount...
CE Series door in a variety of embossed panel designs and gages. The CE series embossed panel doors also offer a wide range of specifiable options including sizes, glass light designs and hardw...
Minimum door opening on double door with 98/9927 should be 25.5" and single door is 25.65".
Minimum door opening for a 98/99 rim device with a 4954 mullion and 299 strike is  26.687" (26 11/16")
"PUSH SIDE" application: Minimum 52" wide pair, with neither door being less than 21" wide. "PULL SIDE" application: Minimum 60" wide pair, with neither door being less than 30" wide.