ND radius latch


Both the ND50 and ND53 will not unlock when the door is shut.  The only way to pop the button is by turning the key on the outside or the lever on the inside.  Occasionally custome...
The default backset is 2 3/4" and the latch faceplate dimensions are 1 1/8" x 2 1/4". The latch supplied is the 13-047 deadlatch and 13-048 springlatch.
Latches are sold separately, see current Pricebook for part numbers.
A and AL product: Must use the 2 3/8" backset with the 41-005 extension link D Knob and ND product: Must use the 2 3/4" backset with the 43-005 extension link
As of February 2016, ND locks began shipping with a new latchbolt. The new latchbolt offers substantially improved performance in adverse door conditions (ex, with heavy door loading) andis more ro...
Prior to February 2016, using ND-Series locks on hollow metal doors required the use of latch spacers which prevent the latch from "fishtailing" (back end of latch moving from side to side). Latch ...