ND smaller rose


03-042 is the part number for the inside or outside rose.
The diameter of the ND rose is 3 7/16".
  Falcon strives to provide a solid product, with solid performance, at a solid price. To better align with this mission statement the Grade 2 tubular Falcon Y lock and all parts will be...
For W lock levers, you can choose whether or not to install the mounting posts.  This will also affect how the door is prepped so be sure to determine how you will install the locks befor...
Typically for a 1-3/4" door you would use a 1-1/4" cylinder.  Use the Table in the Pricebook for a reference:  
Falcon began accepting orders for the W lock small rose on January 30th 2012.  View the original W lock small rose announcement here and marketing sell sheet here.
The square block is probably the springcage assembly, L283-040.  This component has an internal spring to keep the lever in the horizontal position.
The thumbturn for rose trim is specified by 09-509 and the Dim, see table below. Dimension Chart: 09-509 Thumbturn  Part Number     Door Range   Dim     09-509     1 3/8" ...
The rose measures 3-7/16" diameter.