non-modular rim cylinder housing


See descriptions for the 09-992 thru 09-997 parts kits for modular mortise cylinders.  The 09-998 is a kit for a rim cylinder.      
Rim cylinder housing only for FSIC is part number 20-079.
Rim cylinder housing only for SFIC is part number 80-129.
We have completed our transition to the modular design and no longer have the old design.
The cams for modular cylinders are unique and are not compatible with any non-modular mortise cylinders, Schlage or any competitors.
The Schlage small format interchangeable core rim cylinders 80-329, 80-159, 80-116, and 08-129 can accept 6 pin and 7 pin small format cores.
Modular cylinder was launched July 26, 2010 and replaced the standard key-in-lever, mortise, and rim cylinders.     For a list of cylinders not affected by the modular cylinder design change cli...