Opposite Swing Mullion.


Contra-swing mullion; Opposite Swing Mullion
Double Egress Opening: A pair of swinging doors, each leaf which swings in the opposite direction of the other. DOORS: A pair of doors swinging in opposite directions without a vertical mullion....
Double Egress with a mullion; Opposite Swing Frame
Communicating Frames are hollow metal frame fabricated such that a door is installed in each rabbet of a double rabbeted frame (2 doors total) to facilitate dual access and control of the opening, ...
Bottom mounting fitting on 9954 is taller than 4954. The taller bottom fitting is required for a fire rated application.
Minimum door opening for a 98/99 rim device with a 4954 mullion and 299 strike is  26.687" (26 11/16")
For non fire rated doors only the 1609 strike would be used on the inactive leaf that is flush/surface bolted or with a *surface or concealed vertical rod device on other door leaf.