parallel hold open arm


When placing an order for a 4041/4040XP Rw/PA with hold open, it would be ordered as a 4041 /4040XP Hw/PA. For an existing Rw/PA requiring the addition of a hold open function, a hold open arm woul...
 The correct method (process) for setting the hold open is: The 4010 hold open arms are handed, verify correct hand arm. (R or L stamped on main arm) Loosen the hold open nut. Opened the door ...
The 4110 hold open spring Cush (Spring H Cush) arm part number is 4110-3049SCNS.
Yes, as long as you stay with the like style arm.  Example: replace an RW/PA with HW/PA, replace an EDA with HEDA, or replace a CUSH with HCUSH.