Parellel arm installation with weather strip


A Kerfed Frame is a frame that is formed with an optional integral pocket or recess in the area of the stop to receive gasket, seals or weather stripping. Kerfed frames are available as an&n...
The dead stop post would need to be removed and the 4040/4040XP EDA mounting template for 180° would be followed.
The 4040/4040XP closer mountings have the following maximum opening degree templating: The 4040/4040XP PA "Regular Arm" mount will allow for 180° max. opening. The 4040/4040...
The maximum opening is 120° with the 4041/4041XP standard templating on the pull side of the door.
The keycam may have failed, example here, the latest design keycam can be easily identified as the colored changed to black. Replace either the keycam or chassis as needed...
 This could also happen if the tailpiece isn't installed in a KIL, FSIC, or SFIC cylinder.  The FSIC driver also could have come loose from the core in the spindle.
The 4600 hold open switch (for the new 1-24 single terminal strip I/O board) wires into terminals 2 and 6 or 4 and 6.