part number for auxilary firel latch


Yes, the top latch for the 25-V carried over from the 18-V device. Surface vertical rod top latch = part #650389 or #650375(fire rated)
The spring itself is not replaceable, you would need to replace the 19 centercase assembly.
The 710095-00 (85445-900) and 84570-900 are the older Sr. Swing analog (non-digital) control.  It is replaced by the current Sr. Swing digital control box. If you need to replace an old ...
Schlage does offer rabbetted latch and strike kit: Part number, 39-030, for cylindrical locks and deadbolts.  Part number, 10-075, for the L9000 mortise locks. Monarch does not offer rabbette...
The top latch for a Fire rated surface vertical rod device is part #650375-00 which replaced the old part #F588.