patio door cylinder


Patio lock—Deadlocking latch bolt by levers. Outside lever is locked by push button from inside. Rotating inside lever or closing door releases button and unlocks outside lever.
Patio Lock - Push-button locks outside lever. Turning inside lever or closing door releases button.
The 09-611 indicator stands off the door 0.39".
The pricebook suggests (for a 1-3/4" door) using a 1-3/8" cylinder when installing with an 09-611 occupancy indicator.
We have several blank trims listed in the price book to cover existing trim prep in door.  DEVICE EO TRIM   22  230EO  88  880EO   98/99  990EO or 996EO*  33A/35A Rim, 33/3...
The part number is: 1461-3071 for the door closer cylinder body.