pool gate template


The paper tape-on template is furnished in a cardboard tube with the exit device when it ships from the factory.  If the template-only is needed, it may be ordered as part number 47273677.
All the templates can be found at us.allegion.com   Please click here
Yes. The exit device would have to be ordered as exit only (EO), and the 990 or 996 trim would be ordered as a separate line item.  But these trim are functionally compatible with the 9852/995...
Electrical kits must be ordered as separate line items and field installed with this particular device. Since this is a device designed for exterior use, be advised water can damage electrical comp...
The 4040XP/4041 Cush and HCush (Hold Open Cush) use the same instructions / template.
The 4110 Cush closer can be templated for 85°, 90°, 100°, and 110° maximum as standard templates. The 4110 if ordered by ST-3220 will allow templating to 135°
There is not a wood template for 9957 three point latches, use the 98/99 rim template W10301 to get the correct device backset.  For NL trim (990NL) use trim template and installation instruction W...
The CS210 templates can be found at schlage.com.  Click here to find the templates.