Power supply for ELR


This is not an option, the older RDS-2 was used with the older Falcon Monarch ELR devices.  The power supply would apply 24VDC for 1 second then drop down to 5VDC for the remainder of h...
RX switch is request exit and LX switch is latch bolt monitor switch. They do not required a power supply directly. The electrified hardware that RX or LX switch conne...
The Von Duprin PS914 power supply with either the 900-2RS  or the 900-4RL option board is required.
MPB840 = PS914power supply, MPB842 = PS914-2RS power supply.
This is not possible.  Due to the device's 16 Amp in-rush it would require it's own PS914-2RS which will power 1 or 2 devices.