primus key charge


A Primus key can operate a non Primus cylinder as long as the keyway is the same or the key is a multi-section.  Additionally, the cylinder must be pinned to be operated by the top cuts of the Prim...
The 6 digits stamped on the key can be referenced by the Key Control group to identify the system.  Please call 877-671-7011 option 1, option 1 and request the Key Control.
Most key blanks have to be ordered in multiples of 50. Exceptions listed below: Classic and Primus Large Bows Classic and Primus Access Bows All Control Keys All Emergency Keys Primus Locko...
Choose the appropriate full size control key from the selection below.
Classic Conventional Key Blanks and Cut Keys Part Number Description Key Blanks 35-056 Control Standard bow, embossed both sides 35-076 Standard bow, unembossed both s...
Primus cylinders can only be operated with a Primus key.