primus vs everest


HIGH SECURITY Primus/Primus XP: In addition to six cuts for standard locking mechanism, there are five side finger pins to operate the secondary sidebar lock. Primus keys will operate non-Primus l...
Primus cylinders can only be operated with a Primus key.
The Schlage B60 is a residential grade 1 deadbolt and is not available with Everest or Primus cylinders.The B60 deadbolt with a standard cylinder is not available.The B60 deadbolt with a Full Size ...
Warranty Statement3 Year Limited Mechanical Warranty and 1-Year Limited Electromechanical Warranty - Additional warranties listed below The provisions of these limited warranties do not apply to P...
When ordering dogging with cylinder; specify complete cylinder with appropriate option below:XQ11-949 for all conventional cylinders  XQ11-948 for full size and small format IC cylinders
XQ11-947 was used Classic conventional cylinders prior to the release of modular - NOW OBSOLETE