pull audit from door


When the SUS and HHD are used in the “Auto Update” mode, the audit info will be automatically gathered each time the SUS is successfully connected with a lock.
The sliding door edge pull is part number 230.
The 4040SE is non handed and can be mounted on the push or pull side of the door.
If your Von Duprin EL (solenoid) device pulls and releases quickly instead of holding the latch retracted, please check all of the items below.In most cases, one or more of these solutions will r...
The 4011 can only mount on the Pull Side of the door and the 4111 can only mount on the Push Side of the door. Differences - The 4011 and the 4111 cylinders are different and the pinion shafts are...
The holding force on an SE/ME Series door closer is approximately 35 lbs. and they can be manually pulled out of hold open with approximately 35 lbs of force.