qel device sticks open


You can use the QEL+ device with 900-2Q option board. The 900-2Q board is obsolete with no stock remaining.   
If manually it opens and closes fine, check to make sure one of the actuators is not getting stuck in the on position. Verify that the "Operating Indicator" LED's -- "POWER and SAFETY CLEAR" LED's ...
Yes the Von Duprin QEL exit device retracts the latch bolt and pushpad. Pushpad and latch bolt stay retracted as long as power is applied to the QEL exit device.
The new QEL motor has a label affixed to the cover, the older QEL motor has no such label.  See attached image.
For most exit devices, please refer to the specific device series catalog for minimum door opening width the device can be cut down to fit.   Be aware that some device options, frame...
See below for QEL device requirements: QEL devices shipped prior to 7/23/12 must have the 2Q option board for the communication link between the power supply and the exit device. &nb...
Applies only to Von Duprin QEL exit devices shipped after December 11th, 2014.1.0 amp inrush and a 0.14 amp holding current.