qel latch time


  Pushing on the push  bar or activating the EL/QEL or the trim on Von Duprin XP98/99 exit device does not retract the latch, it releases the latch only. Door must be pushed or pulled when device o...
Yes the Von Duprin QEL exit device retracts the latch bolt and pushpad. Pushpad and latch bolt stay retracted as long as power is applied to the QEL exit device.
You can not use these options together on the same device per the following reasons: QEL/EL device retracts the latch bolt of the exit device allowing entry. CX (Chexit) device ...
A red and green flashing LED's on a QEL indicates the device has been tampered with while power was applied, the push pad was pulled out at least three time. Wait 15 seconds and latchbolt will retr...
The push bar being pulled out three times while power is applied causes the lights to flash and the device to stop retracting.
Check to make sure there is no bind of the latch.