recommended weight for continuous hinge


Many 600 and 700 Series Pin & Barrel Continuous Hinges can be cut down in the field following the steps provided in the installation instructions to cut the bottom of the hinge. For a sma...
Butt hinges can be used on  doors up to 4' wide and 200 pounds.  There is no maximum door height, just need to add a hinge for every 30" or part there of over 7'.
The following hinges are available on Paladin series doors and frames: Butt hinges -  4 1/2", 5" or 6" ball bearing type either standard or heavy duty Continuous hinges - full mortise...
Cutout depends on the size of 224 hinge.  See 112HD/224HD-EPT template.  112HD/224HD continuous hinge  Center line of EPT to top of the door  83 inches  30 inches  85 inches  32 inc...
The TWP is a standard size across the board on continuous hinges.
No, they are both the same gauge.