removable mull heights


For compression anchor details refer to the “ANCHORING SYSTEMS”  section in the Steelcraft Tech Data Manual.
Clear Opening Width for swinging doors is measured (with the door open 90 degree) from the face of door to stop soffit on strike jamb.          &nbs...
Falcon Standard Bitting Specs - 018 system Falcon Restricted Bitting Specs - 025 system
Steelcraft Paladin PW-Series doors and FP-Series frames meet FEMA Tornado Resistant requirements and have been designed and tested to meet the requirements of FEMA 361 guidelines and ANSI ICC500....
Monorail cutouts are typically the upper corner of door. Channels are cut to size welded into door held flush to cutout. We do not supply any covers or plates to finish.
The size monorail cutout is 8" wide x 24" high
Monorail cutouts are only available for non fire rated applications.