removing actuator for repair


Yes. Remove the receiver from the operator. Remove the transmitter from the actuator button. Attach 1 wire to the NO (normally open) contact on the actuator switch, and another wire to the COM (com...
LCN is pleased to announce the release of our new 36" Full Length Actuator. In situations where it is essential to be able to activate an automatic operator from different heights or angles (e.g....
Data Sheet includes an Overview, Dimensions, Construction, Application Chart, and Product Specifications.
On average, the battery life on the wireless actuators will be 9 months to 1 year for most installations. Extreme (cold) conditions may reduce battery life.
Actuators are not included with a 4600 Series operator.  Due to the numerous styles, they always need to be ordered separately.
The LCN Bollard post (8310-866) only accepts the "square" actuators (no round actuators). The size of the Bollard post is 4” X 6” X 36”. Acceptable actuator part numbers are: Hard Wired -  831...