replacement door grids


The 4040(XP) door closer can be used as a temporary replacement in a 4630/4640 operator to provide manual control of the door while the 4630/4640 closer cylinder is being repaired or a replacement ...
To replace an old 33/3547 exit device with a new 33/3547A exit device the door would need to be modified.  The new device will cover any changes to the door prep.  See attached templates for retrof...
The L Series lock can fit into a door prepped for the SCHLAGE K Series with some additional prep as described here.  
K and L trim and parts are not interchangeable. 
These references are from an old and outdated SDI 100 specification. The new specification SDI 100 ANSI A-250.8 does not contain letter designations for core material. Core constructions designat...
The SED/MED series closers where discontinued in 2000. The SE or ME series from LCN can be used as replacements to provide a hold open feature, but will not have the smoke detector...
The LCN direct retrofit for the Obsolete 303 OHC closer was the 330 series, it was discontinued in 2009. The 3030 closer door closer body can be used as a replacement cylinder. 
The Falcon SC71 is an exact replacement for the Norton 7500. The LCN 1460 or 4040 Series closers could be used, the mounting hole pattern is different.
Aluminum trim is not available. All of our current trim offerings are steel.
The fluid in an LCN closer must not be refilled in the field. See attached Warranty and Repair Communication 
Ives does not offer anything in that same style.