replacement key pad


e.Primus was an electronic lock system that used iButton credentials to unlock a door.  Product was discontinued in July of 2002 with parts were available only for a short time.  Product support fo...
The L Series lock can fit into a door prepped for the SCHLAGE K Series with some additional prep as described here.  
K and L trim and parts are not interchangeable. 
The old D-Series Lever used a standard lever insert similar to the pre-2002 AL-Series standard lever insert.  The old D Lever insert was smaller than the AL and the two were not comp...
The Schlage B400 deadbolt was a grade 2 deadbolt and was discontinued April 1, 1996.  Its replacement was the B100 grade 2 deadbolt and no parts were compatible between the two.
The UBC (Uniform Building Code) was a regional legacy building code which was superseded in most jurisdictions by the IBC (International Building Code). There may be some areas of the country which...
Functionally equivalent to a schlage 350+ which is functionally equivalent to a M450