schlage mobile access


Begin by checking  spam folder.  If e-mail not present, have  go to  e-mail program and "whitelist" the following address: and re-send request ...
Check for anti-virus / anti-malware software active on phone / tablet.  Temporarily disable until successfully signed in to app.
Delayed egress hardware prevents a door from being opened from the egress side, usually for a period of 15 seconds. This type of device is often used to prevent theft, while maintaining life safe...
Issue: “Credential Error” when trying to use Schlage Mobile Credential on iOS or Android. Resolution: Follow this guide to resolve issues with Schlage Mobile Credential errors: ...
Coin cell replacement is not immediately registered by the CT5000 firmware.
Performing a processor reset (pressing and releasing the RESET button) will register the new coin cell.
Coin Cell part number is CR2025 - 3Volt Lithium - available at most any battery store.